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FACOM testery i multimetry - FACOM AUTOMOTIVE DX.V12 714A 715 DX.T100 705 DX.SET DX.CONECT

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Automotive - workshop equipment - mobile lifting equipment

Elektryka samochodowa

Testery i multimetry

DX.V12     AUTOMOTIVE MULTIMETER Automotive electrical tester.100% automatic. 3-color screen for easy interpretation of values. Resistance to impacts. False contact detector. Voltmeter. - Measures DC voltages up to 49 Volts. - Automatic detection of MLI / PWM signals. - Line test: automatic checking of power supplies with false contact detection. Ohmmeter. - Measures resistance up to 40 M?. - Continuity alarm. Supplied with a pair of measurement cables, contact tips, "alligator" clips and a protection bag.

714A     AUTOMOTIVE MULTIMETER Measures internal resistance of batteries. Automatic calibre. Voltmeter: AC / DC 0 --> 600 V. Ammeter: AC / DC 0 --> 400 mA. Ohmmeter: 0 O --> 40 MO. Continuity and LED test. Temperature measurement. Cyclic ratio: 5% --> 99% . Cam angle. Tachometer. Frequency meter: 1 Hz --> 400 KHz. Compatible with clip-on ammeter Ref 711A.P500.

715     MEGOHMMETER AND ISOLATION TESTER Suited to hybrid and electric vehicles. Leak current detection. Protection cover included. Technical characteristics: - Isolation tester up to 4,000 Mohm at 250 V, 500 V, 1000 V. - AC / DC voltmeter: 0 to 600 V. - AC / DC ammeter: 0 to 400 mA. - Compatible with clip-on ammeters 711A.P500. - Ohmmeter: 0 to 40 MOhm. - Frequencymeter, continuity tester, diode tester.

DX.T100     INFRARED THERMOMETER Provides non contact infrared temperature measurement with laser guide or by contact with K thermocouple (not supplied). Infrared: measurement -60°c --> +500°C. D/S ratio (distance/surface): 11/1. Emissivity: adjustable. Mode: Min Max Differential, instant. Thermocouple measurement performance change according to the K probe.

705     AUTOMOTIVE VOLTAGE TESTER Filter diameter: 3 to 48 V. LED + or - polarity indicator. Complete with prodding probe, cable probe for testing insulated leads, and alligator clip.

DX.SET     DIAGNOSTIC ACCESSORIES Facilitates accessibility to connectors. For circuit up to 49 Volts. Comprising: - 1 nylon bag. - 2 measurement cables. - 2 needles. - 2 Pic probes. - 1 needle storage tube.

DX.CONECT     DIAGNOSTIC ACCESSORIES For automotive diagnostics requiring measuring on small connectors without damaging them. All these accessories can be used with an electric tester or a diagnostic device. Examples of use: Airbag circuit testing, checking of MAP circuits, temperature and throttle valve position, voltage or current measurement. For circuit up to 49 Volts. Comprising: - 36 male connectors: DX.CONECT-1. - 36 female connectors: DX.CONECT-2. - 8-piece accessories set: DX.CONECT-3. - 12-piece diagnostic accessories set: DX.CONECT-4.


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