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FACOM narzędzia pneumatyczne do naprawy karoserii - FACOM AUTOMOTIVE V.103MF V.347F V.770F V.850F V.781F V.320FH V.321AH

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Motoryzacja - wyposażenie warsztatów - mobilny sprzęt do podnoszenia

Narzędzia do naprawy karoserii - narzędzia pneumatyczne.

V.103MF     DRILL 10 MM WITH SELF-LOCKING CHUCK The powerful 450 watt motor is suitable for many applications and is resistant to stalls. Ergonomic grip maximises operator comfort. Industrial quality keyless chuck for durability. Teasing trigger offers maximum control for the operator. Rear handle exhaust blows away air from the workplace. Swivel air inlet avoids coiling of the hose.

V.347F     ANGLE DIE GRINDER - 6 MM COLLET Built in air regulator which can be adjusted with a screwdriver. Compact angled head for difficult-to-reach places. Feather teasing trigger for optimum control. Rear exhaust hose blows air away from the workplace, and reduces the sound level. Supplied with 6 mm pliers + 2 open end wrenches.

V.770F     SABRE SAW 10000 oscillations per minute for efficient cutting. Adjustable guide for the saw blade. Comfort rubber grip over aluminium to insulate. Teasing trigger for great control. Air inlet swivels to avoid coiling of the hose. Delivered in a starter package with 3 x10 teeth/cm and 3 x 12 teeth/cm blades. Blows per minute 10000 bpm. Working pressure 6,2 bar. Average air consumption 32 l/min. Air inlet 1/4". Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8”. Vibration 17,10 m/s²/a. Vibration 2,19 m/s²/K. Sound pressure 83,50 dB(A). Sound power 94,50 dB(A). Available as accessories: - Set of 6 x 12 teeth/cm blades: V.770F1. - Set of 6 x 10 teeth/cm blades: V.770F2.

V.850F     AIR NIBBLER Lever throttle for precise control and low-speed start. Easy access to replace the punch: V.850FKR2. Can produce rounded edges up to 6.5 mm radius. Can cut 1.8M of sheet metal per minute at a max depth of 1.2 mm. Durable motor design encased in a strong and robust aluminium housing. Blows per minute 4300 cpm. Working pressure 6,2 bar. Average air consumption 280 l/min. Average air consumption 9,6 cfm. Air inlet 1/4". Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8”. Vibration 6 m/s²/a. Vibration 1,09 m/s²/K. Sound pressure 95,90 dB(A). Sound power 106,90 dB(A). Available as accessory: - Punch set: V.850FKR2.

V.781F     SPOT WELD DRILL REMOVER Fast drilling action at 1800 RPM to get points drilled out quickly. Fitted with a counterarm to hold the workpiece in position. Depth of drilling can be easily adjusted by the operator to suit his application. Feather teasing trigger for optimal speed control. Durable and robust thanks to an aluminium casted housing. Delivered with one 8 mm drill point which can be ordered as an accessory. Milling bit diameter 8 mm. Available as accessory: Milling bit diameter 8 mm: V.781A1 (minimum order quantity: 5). Free speed 1800 tr/min. Milling bit size 8 mm. Working pressure 6,2 bar. Average air consumption 110 l/min. Average air consumption 3,9 cfm. Air inlet 1/4". Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8”. Vibration <250 m/s²/a. Vibration 0,54 m/s²/K. Sound pressure 90,70 dB(A). Sound power 101,70 dB(A).

V.320FH     POWER CHISEL WITH HEXAGONAL SHANK Chisels available: - Straight chisel: V.320HA1. - Punch (hexagonal shank): V.320HA2. - Weld point cutter (hexagonal shank): V.320HA3. - Sheet metal cutter (hexagonal shank): V.320HA4. - Double-edge sheet-metal cutter (hexagonal shank): V.320HA5. Kit with the 5 chisels: V.321AH.

V.321AH     CHISEL HAMMER SET Kit includes - V.320FH: 1 power chisel. - 1 sheet-metal cutter. - 1 double edge sheet-metal cutter. - 1 weld point cutter. - 1 straight chisel. - 1 punch.

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