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CAD.P300F     WINDSHIELD CUTTER 20,000 oscillations per min reduces time to replace a windshield. Exhaust hose muffles the sound and drives air away from the workplace and the operator. Safety trigger protects the user from switching on the tool accidentally. Durable aluminium housing. Oscillations per minute : 22000. Working pressure 6,2 bar. Average air consumption 100 l/min. Average air consumption 3,4 cfm. Air inlet 1/4". Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8”. Vibration 7,30 m/s²/a. Vibration 1,22 m/s²/K. Sound pressure 82 dB(A). Sound power 93 dB(A). Supplied with instructions, without blade.

CAD.P300F1  CAD.P300F2  CAD.P300F3  CAD.P300F4  CAD.P300F5  CAD.P300F6  CAD.P300F7 CAD.P300F8  CAD.P300F9  CAD.P300F10  CAD.P300F11  CAD.P300F12      WINDSHIELD CUTTER BLADES CAD.P300F

V.801F     CAULKING GUN - 50 X 215 MM CARTRIDGE For applying silicon, mastics, adhesives in standard 50 x 215 mm cartridges. Easy to use regulator to adjust the actual flow coming out. Automatic pressure release halting flow of mastic: When trigger is depressed flow is immediately stopped. 70 dB(A) sound level increases operator comfort. Robust aluminium housing for high durability. Working pressure 6,2 bar. Average air consumption 85 l/min. Average air consumption 2,9 l/min. Air inlet 1/4". Minimum hose diameter 10 mm - 3/8”. Vibration <2,50 m/s²/a. Vibration 0,51 m/s²/K. Sound pressure 97,60 dB(A). Sound power 108,60 dB(A).

CR.D10     WINDSHIELD WIPER ARM REMOVER Including spacer for wiper arms with integral washer jet. Each leg can be removed for a better fit on the arm. Capacity diam.: 44 mm. Supplied with instructions.

D.28B     WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT KIT Comprising: - D.28A1: Suction cups (2x). - D.28A2: Ratchet strap. - D.28-3: Removal tool. - D.28-4: Pull handle. - D.28-5: Braided wire for windshields (18 m).

D.80     WINDSHIELD TOOLS Set of 3 tools. Comprising: - D.80-01: Windshield fitting tool. - D.80-02: Trim fitting tool. - 82H.4: Hexagon key (4 mm). - For narrow trim: D.80-02-04. - For medium trim: D.80-02-05. - For wide trim: D.80-02-06. - Supplied in a plastic case

DCR.20J6     SET OF 6 SUCTION CUPS Secures components while curing. Many bodywork applications: - Windshield trims. Names and badges. - Interior mirrors, etc. Excellent suction on painted panels and windows.

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